Support for new parents

Baby Colic – when deregulations lead to constant agitations, fretfulness, and excessive crying. (in German)
Sleeping– better nights without stressful programs. (in German)
Breastfeeding– from newborn to toddler, e.g.: milk flow, latching on-techniques, relaxed breastfeeding meals. (in German)

Nutrition– mixed feeding, what to do in case of eating disorders.

Raising your toddler– play, support, accompanying your child through the “terrible twos”, dealing with tantrums, all topics to the age of 3.

Lactation Counselling Munich, New Mum and Baby Support Munich, Postpartum Support,

Individual Counselling
Please contact: 089 550 678-0 or E-Mail:
Cost: € 30 per hour (discount possible)