Postnatal Class: Rest, Recover and Restore

Recovery and re-orientation for mums after childbirth.
This course offers well-being and strengthening for the body and soul of mothers who gave birth 8 to 12 weeks before.
You are welcome to bring your child with you.

This is an hybrid course: It takes place on site, at the same time there is the option of joining online. Please, inform your instructor on time if you decide to join online.

This course offers you to regain a positive body awareness, encouragement for everyday life with your baby and to gather with other mothers.

Rückbildung Häberlstrasse 17 MünchenThe physical exercises contain:

  • strengthening of abdominals, pelvic floor and back muscles incl. encouragement for home exercises
  • exercises for relaxation and recovery
  • experiencing of alternative ways of everyday movements (e.g. easy lifting)
  • massage
  • mindful self-perception - experiencing what feels good!
  • understanding physical and emotional changes 

Moreover, there is room for professional advice in respect to topics such as breast feeding, attachment,  sleep and other questions regarding this important time.

 If you also speak or understand German you are invited to join the following two events for free:

Datum Dauer Kurs-Nr. Preis Sonstiges
19.09.2024 to 06.11.2024
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. *
8x Wednesday 8206-24-E-04 132 € with baby