Our offers for English speaking parents:

  • Childbirth Preparation courses
  • Prenatal Yoga

As long as the incidence remains under the critical range, we will be offering the most of our courses at our center. In compliance with the hygiene standards - we switch to the hybrid offers for many courses: The courses then take place on site, at the same time there is the option of joining online. Please, check the different offers and schedule at our website!

Our live online courses run via a GDPR-compliant video platform. All participants will be informed individually regarding the possibilitites they have to join our courses. We would be happy if you test yourself before attending the course (quick test or self-test), our course instructors: they have been vaccinated, recovered or also tested.

Consultations can take place on site, by telephone or by video (as desired). Most of our open meetings will initially continue live online, as will all lectures and parent forums.

Please note that our front office will be closed at the moment to all visitors. We will be available via e-mail or phone during our regular office hours. We recommend contacting us by e-mail whenever possible: