Our offers for English speaking parents:

  • Childbirth Preparation courses
  • Prenatal Yoga

The "3G-rules" applies if you want to attend an in-house class: Please make sure that you have been fully vaccinated, have recovered or have proof of a negative test result:

* Proof of complete vaccination

* Proof of recovery

* PCR-Test taken within the past 48 hours

* Rapid antigen test taken within the past 24 hours

* At present and until December the 12th, pregnant women, “previously pregnant women” and breastfeeding women are still entitled to a free POC antigen test in a test center. if a rapid antigen test in a test center is no longer free for you, a self-test can be carried out under supervision with us before the start of the event.

According to 14th BayIfSMV we are obliged as a center to review the proof of vaccination, recovery or the test / test stipulated above. Participants will show their certificates before joining the class. Until the end of compulsory schooling, children are treated like tested people.

It is most important to us to offer a safe environment when you come to our center - please have a look at our hygiene standards.

Our live online courses run via a GDPR-compliant video platform.

Consultations can take place on site, by telephone or by video (as desired). Most of our open meetings will initially continue live online, as will all lectures and parent forums.

Please note that our front office will be closed at the moment to all visitors. We will be available via e-mail or phone during our regular office hours. We recommend contacting us by e-mail whenever possible: